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Easy weed control with this professional weed burner.
Heat treatment with focus on high working speed, good ergonomics and great effect. The nozzle gives a working width of the flame 15-25cm depending on how high from the ground you hold it. The angle of the pipe provides a unique accessibility on complicated surfaces such as stone stairs, around trees, around bicycle racks and at traffic junctions. Working speed 4-6km / h.

Piezo lighter: open the LPG and press the button and it will light up. Lights up on the saving flame and the working flame are obtained when you press the button on the handle.

Quickly heat the weeds without burning them for the fastest and best effect.
The wilting has a negative effect on the root itself in that it increases the drying out of the root.

Weed burners can be used on surfaces with e.g. tiles, asphalt or gravel.

Wheel dimensions:
Outer dimensions 50 cm
Internal dimensions 34 cm

Contents T100 burner complete:
T00 burner today with aluminum tubes. weighs lightly.
Piezo lighter
Neck strap
Trolley for P6 / P11 bottles.
3 meter hose

T100 Complete

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